Re-support (R4)

The Re-support program is a research career development path for the Doctorate and PostDoctorate students of the Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation.

The program offers the opportunity to develop professionally and become an in-depth researcher with positions in the Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation program system, the London Academy of Sciences and the partners’ universities/institutes of the European Education Holdings. Those positions include:

  • Lecturers with majors (Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PostDoc level)
  • Research Supervisor (Master and Doctoral level)
  • Research methodology lecturers (Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PostDoc level)

Fields of lecture and supervise

Business & Management
Hospitality Management
Education & Training
Technology & IT
Finance & Banking
Logistics & Aviation

Re-Support Policy

The lecturers, instructors and lecturers teaching scientific research modules selected from the Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation must ensure the principles of training, scientific research, and quality assurance according to SIMI Academic Point of View and SIMI Quality control systems.

The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation reserves the right to accept or not accept doctors participating in the Re-Support program. Candidates who are accepted into SIMI’s Re-Support program will receive:

  • Certified as a Professor of SIMI Swiss
  • May participate in the training programs of SIMI in Switzerland and the international programs at SIMI’s or partner’s campuses.
  • May participate in the scientific council of SIMI Swiss
  • May participate in the international SIMI Swiss Colloquium
  • May instructing SIMI Swiss postgraduate students


DBA, PhD Degree and above 100%
2 publish paper in ISI/SCOPUS/AJS journal 100%
Lecture experiences (for SIMI lecturer positions) 100%
Research supervisor experiences (for SIMI research supervisor) 100%

The Academic Joournal of Switzerland (AJS)