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As a member of the Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI), the Academic Journal of Switzerland (AJS) is proud to be supported by a qualified faculty and instructional team, as well as a scientific committee with diverse specialties. AJS’s lecturers hold doctorate degrees or higher and have extensive experience in conducting in-depth specialty research.

Our partner university also supplements the instructors at the Academic Journal of Switzerland, and the language support system is provided by London Language College.

Standards of AJS Instructors

From Doctorate Degree and above

Members of the AJS scientific committee must have a Doctorate Degree and above. Preference will be given to candidates who already have PostDoc.

Mentoring at least 3 postgraduate students

After graduating doctorate, you have to guide at least 3 postgraduate students. Research articles must be published in ISI/SCOPUS journals.

Have published research on ISI/Scopus

You must have a scientific article published in ISI/SCOPUS journals, which is in accordance with your graduate speciality.

Doctorate degree must be in accordance with your speciality

The researches you guide must be the field of PhD or PostDoc that you graduated with.

More than 81
research supervisorsin 16 specialized research fields


Specialised fields


Post Doctorate certified


Publications per year


AJS accept rate

E.A.R.S supervisory model

The research supervisors of the Academic Journal of Switzerland will be eligible to supervise the PhD and PostDoc fellows of SIMI. We applied the E.A.R.S model:

  • Educator: Educate the research methodology, standards and requirements, deadlines, sources of funding, etc., of the research based on the AJS and SIMI requirements.
  • Advisor: provide advice and guidance to help researcher keep their research on track, but the responsibility for developing work rests with the researcher.
  • Report: Work close with the researcher to report the research progress and report possible problems with SIMI during the supervisory.
  • Standards: Make sure the research meet the¬†research methodology, standards and requirements, deadlines.
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Academic Board