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Only for the research paper approved by one of the ISI/SCOPUS Journals

The Academic Journal of Switzerland


SIMI Swiss professors guide postgraduate students of Doctorate and PostDoc programs based on the rigorous regulations of the International Research Paper.


Postgraduate students will have their research defence at the international Colloquiums and participate in the Peer-Review process according to the regulations of the ISI/SCOPUS journals.


Once accomplished research meets either ISI/SCOPUS requirements, a degree (Doctorate/PostDoc) will be granted, and the research will be published in the Academic Journal of Switzerland.


After becoming a Doctorate or Post Doctorate of SIMI can become a Research Supervisor for SIMI Swiss Doctorate and Post Doctorate students and the HEIs member of European Education Holdings.

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Business and

Business and management research is a systematic inquiry that helps to solve business problems and contributes to management knowledge.

Education and

Whether it is action research in a specialist subject or a more formal empirical study, education and training research can improve the quality of teaching and enhance professional development.

Accounting and

Accounting and Finance research is the research that is responsive to real-world accounting and financial related issues and the connection between financial, business information and accounting standards.

Hospitality and

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and the research in this field is extremely important for one-third of the total global services trade.

IT and

IT and technology are central to our economy and our society. The research in IT and technology drives many of today’s innovations, and it offers enormous potential for further innovation in the coming decades.

Logistics and

Logistics and supply chain helps increase the sales and profits of businesses that deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery of products. Deeply reliable research in logistics can boost a business’ value.


Only reputable research papers are accepted.

Academic Journal of Switzerland only accepts to publish the scientific articles that have met the standards of ISI/SCOPUS journals or prestigious specialised journals.

Web of Science Database (WOS) 60%
Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) 80%
Scopus 93%



management & innovation



worldwide distribution


Post Doctorate certified

for SIMI Posdoc


AJS accept rate

for excellent research only


The Academic Journal of Switzerland (AJS) is an Academic Journal of the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation in partnership with the London Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom. Through the 4R model, AJS supports postgraduate students from the researching process to publishing international articles. AJS only accepts excellent research articles that have been approved by the ISI/SCOPUS rating system.

Only excellent scientific research can bring in new knowledge as well as the reliability of researching results. Understanding this, AJS only accepts publishing scientific articles that have been approved by one of the ISI/SCOPUS systems and have gone through the Peer-Review process by AJS’s scientific council.

4R model is a model developed by the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation; it is applicable to all scientific research activities of SIMI as well as the standards for publishing scientific research articles on AJS. 4R models include R1: Research; R2: Review; R3: Recognised; and R4: Re-support.

AJS collects excellent scientific research and publishes it four times a year. AJS, after publication, will be going through the distribution system of the London Academy of Sciences, the European Education Holdings, for global distribution.

The London Academy of Sciences (LAS) is a UK scholar society with the UK Register of Learning Providers number 10087255. LAS has a powerful research supervisor team as well as a great publishing distribution system. AJS works with LAS to ensure the research’s quality and ensure that excellent research is disseminated to global audiences.


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