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Research - Review - Recognize - Resupport
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4R model

The 4R model is a model developed by the Academic Journal of Switzerland to ensure an efficient and qualified research process that meets international standards and opens up career opportunities for Doctors and PostDocs in the Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation system, European Education Holdings, as well as partners.

R1 – Research

Doctoral and postdoctoral students conduct their scientific research with the support of Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation instructors.

R2 – Review

The doctoral students will participate in peer review at the Colloquium with an independent scientific committee during the research process. At international colloquiums, doctoral students have the opportunity to share their researches, receive suggestions from experts, and create the opportunity to improve their research quality.

Doctoral students are instructed to publish international articles in one of the ISI/SCOPUS system journals and participate in the process of independent peer-review and peer-review from the journals’ scientific council.

R3 – Recognise:

After completing the international publication process, doctoral students are granted a PhD or PostDoc from the Swiss Institute of Management & Innovation depends on the studied program.

Scientific articles will be published in the Academic Journal of Switzerland and distributed globally through the London Academy of Sciences distribution system.

R4 – Re-Support:

Postgraduate students who have completed a PhD and/or Post Doctorate program of the Swiss Institute of Management an Innovation will have the opportunity to become Research Supervisor and Professor of SIMI in their respective fields of study

Why 4R modelResearch - Review - Recognize - Resupport

Help to shape research excellence

With the rigorous standards system of the Academic Journal of Switzerland and the review and peer-review system of ISI/SCOPUS journals, it helps to form excellent research.

Enhance the international research experience

The doctoral students will have experience in the professional, scientific research process throughout the researching period, creating a foundation for forming the in-depth research capacity after graduation.

Enhance the dialectical thinking

With the international Colloquium organized by SIMI, when presenting and criticizing, the doctoral students will promote their dialectical thinking and analytical ability, facilitating the formation of excellent scientific research.

Be recognised in the scientific community

In addition to SIMI’s accredited and recognized qualifications, doctoral students can participate in the prestigious scientific community during the research process, increase their prestige, and develop a career in in-depth scientific research.

Opportunities to participate in international projects

With the capacity and qualifications accumulated from studying and researching with SIMI, doctoral students have a wide-open opportunity in international scientific research projects after their graduation.

Become a Doctorate instructor

PhDs and PostDocs with scientific research experience and degrees can become research instructors for SIMI or prestigious universities worldwide after graduation.

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The selection of excellent research supervisors from SIMI’s PhD and PostDoc system makes the implementation of AJS’s 4R more complete than ever. Simultaneously, SIMI PhDs and PostDocs have the opportunity to contribute to the world scientific research community.

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