Call for excellent papers


Wellcome your excellent research

If you are not a student of the DBA, PhD or PostDoctorate program of the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation, you may still publish scientific articles in the Academic Journal of Switzerland (AJS), participate in the Re-Support program to become a Research Supervisor and Professor of SIMI Swiss if meet the requirements.

The researches before being published on AJS must go through the Review process (R2) and be approved by the scientific committee of AJS.

Benefits and rewards

Review & Peer Review

The study was subjected to the Review and Peer-Review process of the AJS scientific council to ensure it met the requirements and research and ethical standards.

Gain the PostDoc certified

If you already have a PhD, after AJS approves your international paper, you will be granted a PostDoc Certfield from the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation.

Take part in Re-Support

Candidates can become Professors, Research Supervisors of SIMI in Switzerland or at the international campuses of SIMI Swiss and its partners.

You also could join to 4R Process